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Fiveterminator is a proven exporter of martial arts kits, boxing equipment and all related accessories and promotional items. Products are available internationally.

Today Fiveterminator has become a total supplier of all types of martial arts, complete boxing kit and fitness products catering for the largest variety of sports in the marketplace and carrying a range of over 100 different sports-related products for all of your sporting needs. We have a successful track record of exporting equipment across the globe. The heart of our success lies in timely deliveries and product quality.

As the martial arts and boxing industry is changing it is becoming increasingly important that all instructors use only approved products which have been tested for safety purposes to ensure that the user be protected at all times. In all international and national tournaments from 2006 if a practitioner is not wearing approved equipment they will be automatically disqualified from participating because of safety reasons. Fiveterminator has taken steps to ensure the long term success of being in the martial arts and fitness industry and invested time and money into the development of new products.

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